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Henry Ford cars in 1920

Minerva Cars

Leo Marfurt, 1931

In 1908, Minerva got a worldwide Knight Engine license. The Knight motor developed by Charles Yale Knight in the United States used double sleeve valves and ran almost silently. All future Minervas would use these engines. Sporting successes continued with the new engines including the Austrian Alpine Trials and Swedish Winter Trials. Customers included the kings of Belgium, Sweden and Norway and Henry Ford. After World War I, during which Sylvain de Jong and his engineers had headed to Amsterdam where they kept on developing parts, they returned to restart the production of luxury cars in 1920 with 20CV 3.6 litre 4 cylinder and 30CV 5.3 litre six cylinder models. The constructor's star rose in the United States as well where American filmstars, politicians and industrials liked the cars. The car had the same qualities as the Rolls-Royce, but was a little cheaper. In 1923 smaller models were introduced with the 2 litre four cylinder 15CV and 3.4 litre six cylinder 20CV with standard four wheel brakes. For 1927 there was a replacement for the 30CV with the 6 litre AK and also a new 2 litre six with the 12-14. Large cars continued to be something

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WSJ article on "certified" cars (no link, sorry)

2005-07-12 08:10:11 by LemonAtty

Wave of Lawsuits Claim
Widely Offered Guarantees
Fail to Disclose Past Problems
July 12, 2005; Page D1
"Certified" used-car programs are coming under increasing attack from consumer advocates and lawmakers amid allegations that buyers are sometimes being overcharged for vehicles that aren't significan... rental cars through Chrysler's Five-Star Certified Pre-Owned certification program but that dealers don't always disclose the fact -- an issue because rental cars typically command a lower resale value than normal used cars. The lawsuits are two among dozens of individual suits that have been filed over the past few years around the country, according to consumer advocates and lawyers... (more)

You are, of course, right.

2006-02-24 12:08:27 by Sparky123

What I'm talking about is that very early stage before any legal incorporation or LLCs are even on the horizon. I'm talking about you and me coming up with an idea for a business and we agree that my work is worth X and your work is worth X and we do our work and issue an invoice just between us, with no legal stature whatever. Just the two of us working toward the creation of a money making ent...m with facts from the past as was the case with Sloan when he launched GM based on figures from Ford and knew exactly where the BE point would be before selling the first share of stock.
You are talking business management through the legal process, I am talking about innovation when there is no antecedent and only the passion of the entrepreneur, like Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Jobs, et al.

Shelby gt 500 - $49,495

2010-05-28 20:19:55 by scram

If the current Shelby GT500 had lived on essentially as is for a few more model years, we wouldn't have complained. Equally at ease on a drag strip, road course, or the freeway home, the 2010 GT500 always seemed to land at the top spot of each comparison it entered. But like the rest of the Mustang lineup, the GT500 is gett... 35,000 degree plasma jet. According to Ford, the resulting 150-micron coating is lighter, more durable, and improves heat transfer through the block versus iron liners, and it will last the lifetime of the vehicle.

KAN Pt. 4

2011-04-18 01:11:13 by zeidrach

OK!!! My 3 favorite cars of the show are coming up...
Car #1: Ford Torino Cobra

Car #2: 1970 AMC AMX 390/au...small_1.jpg" width="320" height="213">

This one was here last year too, really nice 1969 AMC AMX, IIRC it's a 343 car, 4 speed for sure. For sale: it was $25K obo. Another AMC repeat I forgot to take pics of was a 1970 AMC AMX with a blown 401 in it.

Media Storehouse Photographic Print of Henry Ford 1863-1947 in Washington D.C. February 9 from Everett Collection
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  • PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT This 24 x20 Print features an image of Henry Ford 1863-1947... D.C. February 9 chosen by Everett Collection. Estimated image size 610x508mm.
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  • Image Description: Henry Ford 1863-1947 in Washington D.C. February 9. Henry Ford 1863-1947 in Washington D.C. February 9 1927. LC-DIG-npcc-16583
  • For any queries regarding this image of Henry Ford 1863-1947 in Washington D.C...ontact Everett Collection c/o Media Storehouse quoting Media Reference 6015313
  • Image of Henry Ford 1863-1947 in Washington D.C. February 9 is supplied by Everett Collection. © Copyright Everett Collection
9000, 1920s, automobile manufacturing assembly line, turn-of-century horse-drawn carriages, various shots Henry Ford, Henry Ford talking with
Automobile Manufacturing, Henry Ford
Durant Motors Inc. was established in 1921 by former General Motors CEO William
Durant Motors - Classic Cars From The 1920s - Car Club
In the 1920s, Ford Motor Co. was considered the leader in manufacturing technology and practices. Elements of Taylors scientific management
Working at Ford in the 1920s - Part One

Stoneham Ford--Massachusetts Ford Dealer | Ford Sales, Service, Parts

The lot at our Massachusetts Ford dealership offers hundreds of new Ford cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, making it easy to find the exact model with the.

Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Fords Forgotten Jungle City-1/2

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  • Avatar old racer Hidden vin numbers for 1962 ford galaxy?
    Aug 14, 2009 by old racer | Posted in Ford

    Have a 1962 texas galaxy with vin tag missing! have title need to check with vin to see if it goes to car.

    • I have a 1967 Ford Falcon Futura Sports Coupe. When I was taking the front fenders off the cars VIN number was stamped on top the metal that supports the fender. You can also open the hood and the metal bar in front of the radiator has the serial number stamped on top. I don't if it will be in the same spots on your Galaxie, but I hope this helps.

  • Avatar As it relates to ordering parts....?
    Aug 08, 2009 by | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    Why is it hard to find spark plugs, oil filters, etc...( normal "tune- up" parts) on the 292 "y' block engines for the galaxies( mines a '62 292) compared to the 289's, 406's, 427's, etc..... i know that ford discontinued …ch would i save? how much for labor? i know that if i brought them in, i would save my car being in the shop for a few days waiting for the parts to come in....

    basically how much per hour and how many hours?

    • Get plugs for a little earlier year . Air filter may just have to be matched . Get outside and inside circumfronce and height and match . Get as close as possible . Check out this web site - Red's headers abd speed parts